Domain Name

Domain Name

The Multi-domain Strategy for businesses

Tough economic times call for small businesses to get creative. Here is why you should consider implementing a multi-domain strategy for your business.

COST. A memorable, highly targeted and keyword-rich domain name, garners free organic search engine traffic. By acquiring a domain name from the secondary domain market, you are spending less money in traffic than by engaging in often costly keyword search buys or print advertising.

BRANDING. Acquiring domains related to your products and or services sends a strong and consistent message to your customers and builds brand equity while avoiding customer confusion and lost traffic. For example, a photographer’s website would benefit from camera, weddings and portrait themed domains.

GLOBAL REACH. Although the “dot com” is the most common extension, you should cast your net wider by getting as many extensions possible, including country code specific extensions. Act locally, think globally!

CAPITAL INVESTMENT. Like fine wines, domain names appreciate in value as they get older, thanks to the navigation traffic they acquire from prominent search engine positioning. By acquiring multiple premium domain names you are building a valuable portfolio of assets.

A domain is the name or URL of a website, without any path, page or other items attached.

Tips to consider in deciding a domain name
Procedures to  activate your account.

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Domains are on a first – come -first serve basis. Availability is limited. Securing your name must be a priority.

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