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IDH Premium Business Email is a complete solution that thriving businesses need. It offers the ability to reduce space across a server for email services, often reducing overall costs associated with high priced drives as well as alleviating the additional burden email places on server resources (RAM, I/O, etc.)



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Email hosting is an internet hosting service that operates email servers which provide the premium email which has more features other than free email hosting service which inserts add and provides small memory space.

The email client is a computer program which allows the user to send, receive and manage their mail. The mail works in a client-server architecture the email client works as a customer and sends the mail to the server.

The server then reroutes the mail to another client which is the actual recipient.

The disc space is the amount of computer storage on devices like the Hard disk, SSD, USB drive and RAM.

Email spamming is mailing the same copy of the mail to the group of people who does not request for it.

It forces people to receive and see the mail without their permission.

Below criteria define mail Spam

Anonymity – sender of the mail hides his identity

Mass mailing- Mailing to group of people

Unasked – mailing to people who do not request for it.

An email filter is a program which categories the email into different folders. It provides the option to categorize your emails into your required categories like Personal, social, promotion, subscription.

Boxtrapper is a powerful anti-spam tool used in Cpanel to prevent spam emails. The sender who is not in your whitelist needs to reply to a verification mail.

IP blocker is a function which is used in mail, web and servers to prevent connections from undesirable sources like affected host, email servers and suspected IP address.

Here the user can block specific IP address or range of IP address.

Blacklist a mechanism which denies access to a source from blocked list. The block list contains the information of users list or IP list which is trying to access the source with intending to spam.

We can block those IPs from accessing the source by blacklisting it.

The Whitelist is the index consisting of IPs which are genuine and are approved to get full access to the source.

Mail Transfer Agent uses temporary mail rejecting method called “email greylisting.” It rejects mail from unknown sources temporarily.

If the mail is appropriate, the sender will again try to deliver the message.

After some time, it accepts the mail from the originator.