What is Moodle?

If you represent an academic organization and you want to help make your courses available on the web, then Moodle has to be your very first alternative. Moodle is an online learning app that is created specifically for instructors and professors, that want to make their lessons available online.

Because of it’s distinctive target market, Moodle is made to be convenient–to–use by both the tutor and the student, so that it can be more handy. Because of this, you will find there’s such a large community, devoted to building plugins and themes that improve Moodle’s primary characteristics.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and shares no affiliation with IDH Internet Services (Infinity Domain Hosting).

eLearning Web Hosting Services

When you run a web based course for students, your web site must be always online, regardless of how many students are browsing it simultaneously. At IDH Internet Services (Infinity Domain Hosting) you will find special eLearning web hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Therefore no matter what comes about, your website will always stay online.

Each of our eLearning web hosting plans additionally come with limitless disk space, unrestricted data traffic and infinite MySQL storage. To kick–start your instructional web site, we supply you with a totally free domain name registration or domain transfer. Additionally, we are going to set up Moodle for your site the minute you sign up. So, whenever you log in inside of your control panel, you will have your Moodle web site already available, awaiting you.

A Point & Click Website Control Panel

IDH Internet Services (Infinity Domain Hosting)’s eLearning web hosting packages are provided with a well designed Website Control Panel, this was specifically produced by us. It is presented in over than 10 languages and styles, allowing you to completely customize it to your taste. The Control Panel provides a point–and–click user interface with a multitude of tools, that can supply you with complete control over your content.

In our Control Panel you’ll find a drag–and–drop File Manager where your e–learning portal’s website content will be saved, a Databases Manager for your personal databases, in addition to an all inclusive Email Accounts Manager via which you can manage your email communication with learners. On top of that, we have set a comprehensive stats tool, which certainly will keep you up to date on your traffic and resource utilization in real time.